GLOPRY DAYS, Musicians - Interview

It’s Tuneful Tuesday (I’m not sure that’s really a Twitter hashtag, but maybe it should be!), and so another New Jersey-based band takes center stage on Rambling On.

Glory Days

Glory Days

GLORY DAYS consists of Andy Tongren (vocals), Dylan Scott (guitar), Julian Dimagiba (bass), and Steve Patrick (drums). I had the chance to chat with Dylan about the band’s influences and their sound.

 ANTHONY:  Hi Dylan! Thanks for taking the time to answer a few rambling questions.

DYLAN:  Awesome, thanks for having us.

ANTHONY:  I know you play around New Jersey, but where is everyone from and how did you come together?

DYLAN:  We’re all originally from NJ and grew up playing in different bands. With the exception of Andy who is originally from Ohio then moved to New York City to study music.

ANTHONY:  Has the band’s sound changed appreciably over the time you’ve been together?

 DYLAN:  Well yes, I wouldn’t say it changed drastically but the sound has definitely developed into something that we feel suits us as artists.

ANTHONY:  I don’t think I can pick a favorite song off of Living Room Sessions. What was recording the album like? How long did it take and where did you record? 

 DYLAN:  Recording Living Room Sessions was a pretty amazing experience for us. We were able to use various vintage instruments and had plenty of creative freedom on the product. We recorded a lot of the live stuff in a studio in upstate NY and the rest of it was done at a studio closer to home in Brooklyn. We did the entire record in under a week and loved every second of it.

ANTHONY:  What’s the song-writing process like for you? Is it a total group effort, or do you each bring completed ideas to the table?

DYLAN:  The song writing process is always different for us. Typically either Andy or myself will come with an idea for a song then bring it to the group and see what happens in an artistic environment. Various emails are sent along with phone calls, texts, and Skype sessions during the process.


ANTHONY:  For the songwriters in the group: how do you typically work? Lyrics first then music, or vice-versa? Or it is all sort of an organic process that changes with each song?

DYLAN: The songwriting process is definitely organic. We like to see the art through before it becomes something we release as well.

ANTHONY:  As a “Jersey Band,” does the rich musical history of the state influence you at all?

DYLAN:  The rich musical history of New Jersey absolutely influences us greatly. We may not sound like Bruce, but we felt comfortable enough with ourselves as musicians to take such a powerful character and lend homage to him through our bands name.

ANTHONY:  Your cover of “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” has a different feel than the original songs off of “Living Room Sessions.” Why that particular song as a cover? Is it indicative of a change in the band’s sound overall?

DYLAN:  Bob Dylan is an American icon unlike any other. “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” is a song we felt could translate well to our sound. I don’t think it’s necessarily indicative of the bands sound overall, but it’s an eclectic effort towards greater change.

ANTHONY: What’s next for the band? New music on the horizon? A tour?

DYLAN:  Plenty of new music on the horizon along with tour plans. 2012 is going to be a very busy year for us.

ANTHONY:  My usual final question: for each of you, what’s your favorite book and what would you say to someone who hasn’t read it to convince them to read it?

DYLAN:  “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell.” Read it. It’s fucking funny.

After we completed the interview and I inadvertently misplaced it for several months, Glory Days released a new EP which you can purchase on itunes: BROKE IN NEW YORK.

You can find Glory Days on Facebook and Twitter and of course on Youtube.


I haven’t signal-boosted for my musician friends in quite a while, despite all of my best intentions. (Okay, I haven’t signal-boosted for my author friends either, but that will have to be a different post.) So, because my old friends The Dalliance released something new today, here we go. Links to MUSIC YOU SHOULD BE LISTENING TO! (Because I said so, that’s why. Now stop asking why and finish your broccoli.)

The Dalliance’s new single is up on BandCamp for free this month. Darrell, Greg, Shawn and Barry are old high school friends of mine.

Singer-Songwriter Casey Stratton’s Store, where you can buy lots of great music, including his winter/holiday albums. (He’s also on livejournal as caseystratton and has become a good personal friend as well.)

Singer-Songwriter Phil Putnam’s Homepage, where you can buy lots of great music, and you can download the fun “I’m No Prize” single for free. Phil is a new friend, and I see the friendship only growing.

Musical-Brothers band Kropp Circle’s video for their newest single “Can’t Stop The Rain,” because their website is in a state of flux and this way you can hear it before you go to itunes and buy it. I’ve never met Sebastian, Remington and Emerson in real life, but I very much enjoy their music and their Twitter / Youtube content.

Singer Thomas Fiss’ Website, where you can pick up his new EP in a variety of formats. Something for everyone! Another artist I don’t know in real life, but feel like I know thanks to our short Twitter conversations.

I haven’t signal-boosted for my musical friends in a while, although I always have the best intentions of doing it. So there we go.

And even though he’s not a working musician (as far as I know), I’ll once again link you to Jordan Bean’s IT GETS BETTERvideo because I do think it’s cool.