CYNTHIA J. LEO, Author - Guest Post

This week, while I’m slaving away writing and re-writing several short stories, I’ve got a short guest post from author Cynthia J. Leo, talking about her book JAGGED PEAKS.

Jagged Peaks Cover Art

Jagged Peaks Cover Art


The idea for Jagged Peaks came from my fascination with mountain climbing and the climbers who push the limits.  As a person who has always tried to stay within my comfort zone, I was intrigued by the mentality of these climbers.  Though there is a wealth of non-fiction available about climbing, there is not much fiction about climbing.  Pushing out of my comfort zone, I began writing Jagged Peaks a fictional mountain climbing romance and adventure story.  Jagged Peaks explores three very different characters that are brought together for one expedition that will forever bind them together.  The characters are forced out of their comfort zones as they struggle to adjust to the changes that life throws at them.  While romance is certainly a focus of the book, Jagged Peaks also offers adventure, suspense, and secrets that will eventually be exposed.

Excerpt from Jagged Peaks:

“Oh here’s another one – this one looks good, and oh wow there’s a whole bunch on the next shelf,” Taylor said quickly, as she tilted her head sideways to read the titles of the books on the shelves in the Barnes and Noble on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

Her brow furrowed as she concentrated on her mission of finding climbing books. Deep in concentration, she was unaware of the sideways glances from the jean-clad outdoorsy types in the Sports section as they took in her skin-tight beige pencil skirt and sky-high stilettos. Grabbing another book, she added it to the ever-growing stack perched on her friend, Dylan’s lap.

“Sweetie, are you for real? You cannot possibly read all of these before you leave next week,” commented Dylan as he sat in the large, paisley chair sipping his latte.

She turned quickly, causing her long brunette hair with the copper highlights that cost a small fortune to maintain, to wrap around her head.  Tapping her foot impatiently, she frowned.

“Crucify me for trying to be prepared,” she snorted as she went back to looking at the shelf.  Frowning she muttered, “I thought I could count on you two to help, but I guess I was wrong.”

Dylan rolled his eyes as Kevin slumped against the corner of the bookshelf.

“Dylan’s right.  You are never going to find time to open one of those books and besides reading about mountain climbing is not going to help,” muttered Kevin pulling at his tie.

Even though she knew they were both right, her frustration was mounting, and with a glare at Kevin, she snorted, “Like I should take advice from you.  Your preparation has entailed drinking and hitting on every woman in sight.”

Dylan laughed as Kevin ran his fingers through his wavy, blonde hair.

Shaking his head Kevin muttered, “Listen as least I’ve done some climbing, the only experience you have is climbing the escalator for the latest shoe sale at Macy’s.”

Her friends were right.  She was in over her head, but there was no turning back now.