Hollywood Endings EP - Musicians

This is the latest in a series of posts related to various Kickstarter projects I’ve backed and hope you will too. None of them are my own (currently, I’ve got nothing I think I should be doing a Kickstarter for), but all of these are important to me for one reason or another. Some of them are projects of friends. Some of them are just projects I think are cool. Most of them are both.

Hollywood Endings

Hollywood Endings

It’s no secret I’m fond of the HOLLYWOOD ENDING boys. I promote them enough, here and on Facebook and Twitter. It helps that I’ve become friends with some of the parents of the band, and I can see that the band’s current and future success is not just 5 teenage boys pushing themselves, but a real family (or families) effort. So when the guys decided to do a Kickstarter to finance their first EP, I knew I had to contribute and help get the word out.

Unsurprisingly, with their large number of teenage female fans, they hit their modest $5,000 goal within two days of launching the project. Slightly past the halfway point time-wise, they have raised over $7,000. Honestly, I’d like to see them get to $10,000 before their month is up. The more money they have to put towards finishing the EP, promoting it, and touring to support it, the better. The HWE boys are not rich kids out on a lark — they rely heavily on family support to tour, and it would be nice to see them have a bit of bank to utilize.

They’ve already laid money out to film the video for the first single off of the EP. The filming happened over the weekend, surrounding their first headlining show out in California. Some of the extra dollars raised will go towards finishing the video.

You can learn all about the rewards for supporting the Kickstarter (including autographed clothing, lyrics sheets, limited edition memorabilia and physical cds, instruments and more) HERE.

You can also hear more about how things are going for the band by Liking their Facebook page, and following @hwoodending@hollywoodCamB @hollywoodTyler @hollywoodDanny and @hollywooodChrisB on Twitter.

And check out videos on their Youtube channel.