WELCOME TO MY WORLD - Anthony R Cardno Blog

The obvious question, to anyone who has been following my online presence for a while now, is: if you’re already blogging on Livejournal and on Blogspot, why blog on your own domain as well?

The answer is two-fold. First, the Livejournal has always been largely informal and highly personal, while the Blogspot is a recent addition intended mostly as a mirror for my book and short story reviews for those people who follow me on Twitter but who didn’t want to comment on Livejournal for their own personal reasons.  Second, I’ve owned the domain names anthonycardno.com and talekyn.com for close to two years now and have not done anything with them.  Thanks to my old friend Darrell, I’ve now got this site up and running. It makes sense to have content here that is more than just an advertising page for my one published novel. Thus, the blog.

My intention, at least at the start, is to blog about what books I’m reading, what writerly projects I’m pursuing, etc. Nothing heavy, nothing demanding on your part.  As we head into the fall season, I expect to be blogging a bit more about THE FIRFLAKE. People have asked for details on how it came to be written and published, and this is a good space to discuss those. Perhaps I’ll even hold another Giveaway as I recently did on the Livejournal and Blogspot pages.

I would love to hear from visitors to the site. There’s a place for comments, so please take advantage!

Thanks for stopping by, and please stop by again!