NEW PAGE AND LINKS - Anthony R Cardno Blog

I have finally taken the time to add some of my short fiction to the site. Right now it’s just one short story. “Invisible Me” was first published by Willard & Maple magazine back in 2005.  I’ve edited it only slightly for presentation here — fixed some typographical errors and spacing oddities — but otherwise what you see is what readers of the magazine saw.

I’ve also added some links to the page: singer and friend Anthony Gargiula; author/editors Bryan Thomas Schmidt and Win Scott Eckert; storyteller and mentor Brian Fox Ellis; and webcomic Cura Te Ipsum. Please click on their links, check out their work, and tell them Anthony sent you!

I have also lined up several interviews with some of the above-named; those interviews should start showing up a week from today and will continue on a weekly basis for as long as people are silly enough to let me interview them! First up will be an interview with Evelyn Lafont, author of The Vampire Relationship Guide, Volume One.

Thanks for checking in, everyone!